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Join me for an exciting journey of wine and more

Do you stay away from wine in favor of more trendy drinks like Appletinis or craft beers because you thought wine was too pretentious? Maybe you decided to give it a try, but are nervous people will look down on you because you don’t know the first thing about wine. You are about to learn the basics of wine and more.

You can be yourself here. Wacky Wine Girl is a place to hang out, learn about wine, and have fun. No knowledge necessary.

While I am not a sommelier, I have learned a thing or two from wine tastings, classes, clubs, and visiting wineries. I am going to share what I learned with you so you can enjoy wine and feel confident when drinking this nectar of the gods.


Regular Wine for Regular People

Join wacky wine girl on a delicious journey of wine and more. We will explore wineries, taste mouth watering wines, and even make some of our own! You don’t need any prior know how for this. Just bring yourself and some friends.

young people enjoying wine and more

Learn About Wine and More

If you enjoy wine and want to become more knowledgeable without having to get a degree, then you are in for a treat. Learn wine basics, how to pair food, and gain an introduction to great wines from around the world. You will also discover wines made from other fruits and vegetables, travel to little known wineries in the U.S., and test out some wine clubs. So let’s go…

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About Wacky Wine Girl

I cannot promise that reading this will make you rich and famous. You won’t be qualified for a job traveling the world as a sommelier. And it won’t make you a babe magnet.

However, I do promise that by reading this, you will gain knowledge to help you enjoy wine and more. Info such as what temperature to store wine, what foods to pair wines with, and what those vocabulary words mean are just some of the topics. And, if by learning these things, you also gain respect from peers, that is just an added benefit.